Meet The Team



Hi! I love video games and so I created Multitap Gaming Hub so I could play all the time! But unless you consider emailing as a video game, then my plan has so far not worked! Feel free to challenge me to any game, I love them all but I'm also useless at them all, so you can "beat the boss" and feel like a pro!



Hey guys! My name is Jaromir and I'm part of the '1v1 me on Rust' generation! If you need help integrating into competitive gaming then I'm your man! Having experience in both PC and console gaming, I can help assist in any esport needs!



I'm a Pokemon expert and have been playing Pokemon TCG for multiple years. I enjoy playing Fifa and a lot of single player games such as Assassins Creed, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and even dabble in Rocket League occasionally!

My fun fact! "I can bend my thumbs backwards to a 90 angle at ease. It doesn't help me with joysticks however!!"